Our GWR team

Manager - Nursery

Sanjay is the manager of Little Darling Childcare.

When not leading his talented team of teachers in the nursery, Sanjay spends time setting up GWR challenges!

Little Darling Childcare Erinna
Oral Health Promotor

Erinna is a Oral Health Promoter for the Whittington Community Dental Team.

She is leading the co-ordination of this GWR attempt with her extensive connections in the community.

And is totally passionate about improving children's oral health with every family she touches.

Chief Scribe (our Comms expert)

Amanda started her career in newspapers then moved on to medical journals in the UK and Middle East.

Amanda’s clients range from an ex MI5 agent, to a brain tumour sufferer, whom she works with to tell their stories.

Amanda loves meeting new people and has a passion for helping them tell their own unique stories. Been working with Little Darling Childcare as chief scribe for several years!

LittleDarling Childcare Neel
Front-line website developer

Neel is the brains behind all the website functionalities and design.

A real talent at coding, he makes the magic work when you click the mouse.

For the GWR attempt, he is always on call. With this toothbrush!

Account Manager for App Development

Kavita is a account manager who plays a lead role in gathering project requirements, resource planning, monitoring progress, analyzing & managing risk, and closing projects ensuring client satisfaction.

PM of Recording App Development

Janvi is a software engineer who is passionately working as a PM on this project.

She has planned, implemented, and even restructured high-growth strategies for the project’s success. She acts as a mediator between the client and the developer to ensure the proper development flow of the project.

Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist

Anil has expertise in developing algorithms, machine learning models, data modeling, and analytics. He will lead the entire Artificial Intelligence part of the project and he will develop a model which will identify:

● The number of people brushing their teeth
● Number of people who started brushing their teeth together at the same time
● Total number of people in a single video

Lead Full Stack Developer

Umang is an exceptional tech Lead with 6+years of experience and he looks after the codebase quality, approach, and flow of the projects.

His role for the GWR project includes managing the task allocation across the web development team. Also, helping team members in the development, understanding the tasks, and solving their doubts to ensure the overall success of the project.

Backend Engineer

Abhay is an experienced software engineer who is hard-working and can work in a fast-paced environment. He is responsible for building the structure of a software application (video meet tool) which includes:

● Developing the video meet tool
● Recording all the participant’s videos
● Storing all the video over the server

Frontend Engineer

Riya has a proven ability in optimizing web functionality that improves data retrieval and workflow efficiency and she closely works with the backend team to develop the whole front end part of the projects.

She focuses on the look and feels of the project, along with developing its functionality like:

● Display Countdown
● Change the Logo
● Limit the video stream
● Put the synchronized timer

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